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Liquid Cleaner

With the introduction of liquid cleaners, all cleaning hassles have been resolved. We bring forth dedicated cleaner for floors, glass surfaces and toilet. These are cleaning solutions that every household, office, school and other facilities must have in store.

Cleaning Brushes
We have come up with cleaning brushes with bristles that are rigid and retain their original shape after each use. These brushes can be used for cleaning and sanitation purposes for a longer term.
Cleaning Caddy

Cleaning caddy is a bucket in which cleaning products can be held and carried to different rooms in the house. In this caddy, one can keep a toilet cleaner, duster, window cleaner, rubber gloves, wipes and other requisite cleaning products.

Room Air Fresheners

Ambi Pur room air freshener diffuses fresh rose fragrance in the room to get rid of foul smell. It can be used in any room, whenever necessary and at anytime.

Hand Dryer

Hand dryer is a eco friendly solution that must be adopted by every organization to prevent the wastage of paper tissues. This electric hand dryer can be installed easily in the restroom.

Hand Wash
We are offering a variety of hand washes in the gel form. These are known for killing 99.9% of the germs, making sure to keep the hands neat & clean.
Dustpan With Brush

Dustpan with brush is a utility cleaning item that can be used in places where there is huge foot traffic, for instance retail stores, super markets, departmental store, malls, museums, etc.

Glass Applicator

Glass applicator is a glass cleaning tool that comprises frame and sleeves. It is used for cleaning glass windows and doors in offices, hotels, colleges, resorts, clubs, etc.

Duster Cloth

In order to clean a counter top, table top, dinning table or any other furniture item or object, one always has to use a duster cloth. Made of cotton, this cloth is ideal for cleaning stains, dirt and dust.

Plastic Mop Clip

Plastic mop clip is an attachment of a mop. It is attached to the handle and can also be replaced upon wear. The mop users must have this attachment in spare.

Floor Brooms

Proper premise cleaning can only be done with right cleaning products and tools. One such item essentially required is floor broom. It is used for sweeping the dirt, dust and other contaminants out of the room.

Soap Dispensers

The wall mounted soap dispenser is a utility item that can be installed in any restroom, besides the wash basin. It is easier to fill the dispenser container with liquid soap, when empty.

Cleaning Mops
We have come up with convenient and easy to care cleaning mops for customers in Indian market. These mops can be used for cleaning flooring of all kinds. When finishing with mopping, these mops must be completely rinsed. 
Tissue Paper

Buy from us pack of C fold tissue paper for home and office cleaning. These hygienic, soft and highly absorbent paper napkins can be used for cleaning cutlery and dinner set.

Kitchen Wipers

Kitchen wipers are small size wipers that can be used to wipe out water spilled on kitchen sink area, floor or counter top. The easy to grip handle makes the cleaning process easier.

Floor Scrubbing Pads

Floor scrubbing pads, as the very name implies, are cleaning pads that can be used for removing stains from floor. These are available in different sizes and colors.

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